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« My name is Alice, I'm 27 years old and I finally found a job that makes me happy and has a real meaning to me.


Fan of yoga and my head full of dreams, I wish now to share my passion with you and to teach the real yoga philosophy. »

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Coming from a business background with a Master in Supply Chain Management, I worked for 2 years in the automobile industry as a Logistics Project Manager, in two big French companies. I experienced daily stress, overwork, multitasking, all day long on a sreen, mental exhaustion... While questionning myself on the real purpose of my job.

This is how I discovered yoga, this discipline that provides much more that what you were initially expecting, that allows you to widen you consciousness, work on both your body and your mind, and give yourself a deep relaxing break very different from a classic workout.

At the end of my employement contract, while reflecting on my profesionnal and personal life, I decided to go to Thailand to do a yoga teacher training in order to deepen my practice and make a good environnement for my reflection.

Following my training (which transformed me) and a solo trip in Australia, I came back to France with my head full of new ideas and the desire to share what I learned about yoga. 

Now, I decided to listen to my passion and jump into the entrepreneurial adventure as a yoga teacher. Indeed, I want to adapt yoga to make it accessible for everyone, individuals and companies, in order to fight against stress, bad postures, burnouts and all the contemporary illnesses related to office work, and to contribute to overall wellness. I want to bring the benefits of yoga to the people who need it the most, as I took advantage of it during my overwork periods.

Welcome and see you soon

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