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My mission is to bring wellbeing everywhere and to everyone, thanks to a yoga method accessible on a mat or on a chair, and favour healthy lifestyle and self awareness.

I want to deliver this wellbeing according to these following values :

Cours de yoga, ajustements débutants, trikonasa posture du triangle


To ourselves and to others. My classes and my words always have a positive motive to accept ourselves as we are and be open on the world around us. Everyone has a different body and history, which means a different practice and progress. No need to be flexible or young to do and appreciate yoga, as long as you are aware and accept your body.

Bienveillance kindness


Showing respect is for me the root of every healthy and long term relationship. Every single soul deserve to be respected to its true value. Respecting others without making judgments on their look, their opinions or their acts, everyone having a different vision of life, beauty or wealth.

Respect applies to ourself too, by accepting the person we are. Respect and kindness go together and are essentials to me.



Being fully ourselves, , sincere, natural and without any artifices, this is what I advocate during my classes and in everyday life. And yoga contributes to it. Indeed, far from the image of yoga spread on social media, yoga helps to reconnect to ourselves et make our true nature coming out. Come simply as you are. You will become richer.

Authenticité authenticity


Yoga is my passion, like cooking, sport and health. But yoga is also a way of living and thinking. I want to share my passions so they can benefit to everyone, improve each person way of life and bring wellbeing into our lives. 

Passion feu fire
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